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Coconut Plantation

The second main income for the population in agriculture are coconut plantages. Each 3rd to 4th month one climb up harvest and clean the trees.

The trees are usually 15 - 20 meters in the hight or more and one climb them barefoot.

Also one gets the so-called “coconut wine” of this tree, in the vernacular called "tuba". For production a palm must be daily claimed twice. Each morning and evening there are several men to be observed by their work on the ressort.

A really exhausting work, which presupposes much fate and physical fitness.

auf der Kokosnussplantage im Inneren des Geländes

Arbeiten auf der Kokosnussplantage - hier wird Kopra gewonnen

Bild vom Inneren der Kokosnussplantage - Im Hintergrund Begrenzungsfluss des Basisgeländes

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