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A proud Doosanon

A handful pages of write-ups can never be enough to surpass the paradigm set by this man-an epitome and dichotomize as man with benign heart. Who could have thought that a mediocre boy would later marshal of Hindang-Leyte during the Spanish colonization.

Agustin Fulvadora was born on August 28, 1905 in Bogo. Cebu City. His parents Francisca Fulvadora and Juan Uy nurtured him to be a good citizen. He graduated at the
University of Southern Philippines (USP) in Cebu City with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Education. Later he migrated to Leyte when he met his wife Segunda Cabal Fuldavera.

Looking back of his past, he made a great deeds. He was responsible for the opening of Doos Community School at which he was also teaching for years together with his wife, became a principal of Saint Michael College (SMC) and also the organizer of SMC Band that made popular all over Leyte.

A new look in local administration came about with Agustin Fulvadora, who was elected mayor in 1954. He served as mayor for three consecutive terms from 1954-1967. As town executive, he had strong helm for his council. He was always determined in every project. He had that trait of straight forwardness and frankness. The Municipal council has subservient to him. He was impatient with his action, robust and less talk were his password.

His major achievements: implementation and realization of the waterworks, the fifty (50) meters seawall, some pre-fabricated school houses, a home economics buildings and a rural health center in Barangay Does del Norte waiting sheds, twin market buildings (pueslo fijo), a new site of a prospective Municipal Hall.

His other accomplishments included more extension classes, extension and improvements of vicinal roads, water system in Barangay Canhoayon and Capudlosan, several liberty artesan wells, paving of town as well as barangay roads and regular maintainance or cleanliness in the town.

Fulvadoras’ incumbency was one of industrialized, personalized services and dedication. He exerted self confidence so much that he was quick in giving decisions.

He lost the light of life last April 18-1982 due to congestive heart failure. With the demise of Agustin Fulvadora, his accomplishments wouldn't be in a state of oblivion. For sure, for a leader like him will always be remembered and venerated as evolution of years passes.

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