Naval Diving
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Panaw-lolinghayaw · Excursions

Quite a number of activities, trips or excursions are offerd as leisure possibilities for the interested guest at his disposal. According to your desires, we organize the accompanying activities individually at short time notice.

Surely the one or other resulted without much efforts in addition. Surely the dive-inspired guest will do his first dive in the morning hours at one of the reefs of Himokilan, will take his meal in our bath bay and will not deny his second dive in the afternoon at a reef of the neighbouring islands. Thus the short time between the dives permits to admire the neighbouring island realm. - Iceland Hopping -

In the morning hours to the bat cave of Bontoc? The ascent to the caves can be attained of our resort in only 5 minutes by car. But how would it be to be put back the distance with one Trycicle?

Motortrekking, you can be impressed by nature on the way on the mountains. You get closest contact with the population and take a rest at a river.

As well it's indispensably to visit a rice field. Surely again harvested or however planted.

Shower under a waterfall. A very special kind of highlight.

The resort is built up on a former coconut plantation. In the early morning hours or however in the early evening (about 7.00 o'clock p.m.) surely you discover a flashlight in one of the palms. That isn't a firefly, no, it's only the tuba man. He cleans the collecting basins, made of bamboo, in those the juice of the coconut, also named TUBA collects itself. It ferments in the sun and developed its own flavour. Try TUBA with COLA - not too much and not everywhere. You never will forget it; pure alcohol.

Also you should visit the neighbouring cities by bus, multicab, motorcycle, tricycle or however by our own service to watch and enjoy the driving of people, e.g. on the markets.

Don't forget to order the one or other customized garment on measure. The prices will impress and will speak his own language - 4 - 5 - 6 or more pieces?

For returnees and guests with longer stay we recommend a 3 day trip to BOHOL, inclusive. 2 overnight stays. We bring you to all places of interest on this island. Occasionally shopping is announced in Tagbilaran.

The lady is pleased, the Mr. surely as well to have such a dear spouse.

Abstieg von der Fledermaushöhle

Freude auf die Heimfahrt zur Basis (Aped)

Beim Dreschen

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