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Familar Structure

In general, Filipinos married before they are 30 years old. The wedding and reception will be paid by the groom and his parents. The bride wears a wedding dress, the groom generally a Barong Tagalog - a pineapple fiber woven shirt decorated with embroidery - and a trouser. The related family members fix money during the first dance of the wedded at the shirt of the groom or at the wedding dress of the bride.

Some couples are already living together before a marriage or drag this form of relationship to a marriage. The cohesion within a large family on the Philippines is particularly pronounced. If the family or one of its members needed of support, the members help to each other - sometimes up to the self-sacrifice. This system goes so far that there even is a sort of "honorary relatives" are respectively used as "sponsor". A special respect will be given to older family members. Many Filipinos are working abroad, where the earning opportunities are far better than in their country, to be able to provide a financially support to their family at home.

Many women are occupying important key positions in the politics, economy and industry. The proportion of women of the employment rate is around 37.3 percent of the whole workforce (1996). In rural areas women are working together with men on the field. A large part of them is also responsible for family finances. Nevertheless, women suffer in areas such like in the economy and industry still under the male supremacy and violence against them is a major social problem.

The houses of the Filipinos are usually made of cement or built of hardwood. In rural areas the poor once depend on bamboo by the construction of their houses.

The living comfort of houses yet is steadily increasing, but there are still many big cities with continuously large districts in which houses are made of bad building substance.

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