Naval Diving
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Gastronomy and Hospitality

Usually the meals are taken jointly in the dining-room, at the beach or on the roof terrace with a view on the width of the sea. This depends on the individual desires of the guests or the weather.

Predominant a continental breakfast (e.g. orange juice, coffee, toast, supplements, egg in different variations) is served.

The Philippine cook art combines some of the best flavors of eastern kitchen. If demanded, the German kitchen can be considered.

It is expressively stressed that each guest is accepted and treated like an estimated family member. Children are seen very gladly. Free of charge at any time, especially only for children, are different kind of fruit juices.

Do without ice-cooled beverages outside of the resort. Otherwise “Magelan's revenge” (a strong diarrhea) is nearly safe to you. Do not use the tap water as drinking water outside of the hotel plant.

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