Naval Diving
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Mobile telecommunications are more popular than fixed-line telecommunications in the Philippines. An estimated 30 million Filipinos have cell phones, and an additional 10 million are expected to acquire them in 2005.

The Philippines uses the Global System for Mobile Communications, a second-generation digital technology employed by 71 percent of the world market. In November 2004, the Philippine National Telecommunications Commission held initial hearings to lay the groundwork for the introduction of third-generation digital technology, already widely used in the United States, Europe, and much of the Asia- Pacific region. Short Message Service, a system for text messages under 160 characters in length, is widely used, with more than 200 million messages transmitted per day, but Multimedia Message Service has been gaining acceptance since its introduction in 2003. In 2003 the Philippines had 11.5 million radios, 3.7 million televisions, and 1.5 million personal computers. Internet access is modest, particularly in comparison to other countries in the region.

Whereas South Korea boasts the world’s highest Internet broadband penetration rate, only about 5 million Filipinos have Internet access, and 85 percent of them rely on dial-up connections. The Philippine Long Distance Company, the largest telecommunications provider, is responsible for maintaining a national digital fiber-optic network, digital microwave radio, and satellite communications.

The benefits of the Philippine government post is not in the European standard. While post from Europe within 2 to 3 days Manila reached, it usually takes a week, until it is delivered to the recipient. Letters in the Philippines typically require four to eight days, but it may take up to two weeks. In recent times, it can be observed that the postal their efforts again, the spurlose disappearance of parts, but also of entire broadcasts to grips with. From sending cash, cheques or other valuables by post is strictly discouraged. Instead, it is recommended that the Philippines also on the existing international courier services in order to participate.

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