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Degyo Island

The smallest of the 4 islands with approx. 3,5 hectares of land surface by high tide. The island is inhabited by only 3 families and can be surrounded by foot in approx. 20 minutes. The dive usually started from the boat, right at the reef edge. The dive out takes place over the surrounded coral gardens in a depth of 3 - 8 meters. This zero-time dive ends after approximately 1 hour. The island fits ideally for beginners or snorkeler.

Characteristics: In the northwest to northeast range steeply dropping reef.

Pronounced beautiful circulating coral gardens (in the dive out area) particularly delightfully in the north-east. The seashore of the island is far flatter than their neighbouring islands and sourrounded of a fine white coral beach. The color splendour of the found fish swarms is the beginning of an obsession to dive at this place around Degyo nearly daily.

Many of our visitors spoke after the dive and this trip to have found the much quoted paradise. Are we to follow? You have to make up your mind yourself.

This island as well offers 3 different diving places. Max. basedepth of 160 meters. At the northwestern reef you will meet different kind of slight currents.

However, we refer to the insight, logic and experiencingness of our visitors and divers and say 40 meters are enough.

Unterwasserwelt von Degyo

Korallengarten auf Mahaba (3 Meter Tiefe)

Degyo 4 Meter Tiefe

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