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Canigao Island

Easy diving - better diving can't be.

We send Toni, our boatman and guide, with one of our divers boats (pamboat) 1 hour before the dive to the island Canigao. Our guests follow him 45 minute later by van to the arrange entrance point in the township “Itom”. Here we meet again our Toni.

From here we take the boat for a 5 minutes trip to the uninhabited island and to the diving spots. Well, 1 house is standing there on, this, however, is only used for protection purposes of the nature.

The eastern and southern part of the island is placed under nature protection as a SANCTUARY. Unfortunately diving, fishing, snorkeling and swimming in this zone or to pass over this zone by boat is strictly prohibited under threat of high punishments. in accordance to the authorities and the municipality we have, however, found the possibility to dive at this unique spot.

Characteristic: In 5 - 15 meters of depth you can expect an unaffected and untouched nature. Arrangements of a remarkable accumulation of flower animals, corals and fishes, is being offered at ninty-minute (90) dive.

At this diving spot no big fishes are seen, but a substantial accumulation of various small fish, snails, flower animals and corals of all most beautiful kinds.

Meo, our experienced diving teacher, or Arno divides the group members according to their fitness, since at some places it must be counted on a increased current.

There were already divers, who empty their bottle completely up to absolute zero point before they want to come back at the surface.

After this dive Toni collects our groups and brings them to the arranged place at the northern side of this island for a diving break and to have lunch. Depending upon the fitness or condition of the participants usually a second dive invites you one time more. Afterwards you appear again at the starting point of the island and terminate here the day with the translation of the township “Itom”.

From here we take the van to go back to the ressort. Toni will reach our base, including the diving equipment, approx. 1 hour later.

An unforgettable experience for a senior diver or expert, of which he surely will speak about for a long time.

Strand von Canigao

Cottage auf Canigao

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