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Shrine of the Virgin Mary to Maasin

If one comes from the see, one sees from afar, the monumental and gigantic shrine of Our Lady of Assumption at the Jalleca Hills.

One gets the impression that Mother Mary is watching the place day and night times.

We drive our guests direct to the entry of the plant.

The entrance uphill to a small kiosk- and small administration building, passing by at the rear of the Municipal Hospital, is still quite easy to do.

Here you register in a guestbook as foreign visitor and chat a bit with the nice lady behind the window. Thus we learn one or other information of the shrine, which unfortunately is still not available in written form. But now it really going on.

A strong and steep staircase with 161 steps, leads the way up to a plateau from which one can beautifully overlook the city of Maasin. Allow yourself a little time thus so to gain a little effect of these impressions.

Maybe you buy a few blue candles you will light up later on and introvert yourself.

Look around, you can discover 2 further shrines in the mountains. The outlook compensate for all the stress you suffered while climbing up. Far reaches the view to Bohol, Cebu, Mindanao and of cause to our four islands, the “Quatro Islas” (Himokilan, Mahaba, Aped and Degyo).

The statue of Mother Mary and the small chapel was built up since 1996 with the support and help of the city of Maasin and influential businessmen.

A very religious, poor and ordinary woman harbored the dream of establishing a hermitage here on the Jalleca hill. Thirty years she dreamed to build up a chapel on this mountain. She said she did not slept anymore, and almost desperate, because she has not given her life a special meaning just thus of the creation of a chapel and this shrine.

In 1984 she implemented her dream.

Kapelle auf der Spitze des Berges - der Schrein von Maasin

Blick unmittelbar von unten

Der Schrein in Maasin - errichtet am 21. Juni 1994

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