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Pilgrimage Chapel Maasin


One of the attractions: The pilgrimage to St. Francis Javier Pilgrim Shrine in the village of Hanginan, Maasin City. The highest peak in Maasin. During the Spanish era, it was used as a vantage point.

This shrine can only be reached difficultly and only by dry weather conditions. We will bring you by van up to the motorcycle terminal, at the crossing of the National Road 1, right after the boundary of Maasin City. For the last miles you have to take a "Habal-Habal", a special for this small route designed motorcycle converted for passenger and goods transportation. On one of these motorcycles fit 6 persons, but due to the weight of foreigners compare to Filipinos, 2 persons and one driver will be enough. Enjoy the way going up and the surrounded nature.

The road guides in some places a slope of 18.00 %. This means even once: Descending please… and walk by yourself for the next 200 meters. After approx. 3 km you will reach a plateau, so called: The end of the world. From here you have to walk of about 1 km. An agreeable but steep constructed stairway will bring you to the boundary of a small village, where you first can relax, get some drinks, sweets or snacks. On the way up to there you should allow you to enjoy the wide overview of the island of Leyte up to the islands of Bohol, Cebu and Mindanao.

The last steps of your way, guides you through a small village to the top of the mountain and as well to the small chapel. Surprising is that just at the top of the hill, a water source or fountain is located inside this chapel. This makes the place so unique and certainly worth visiting.

On the way upwards and downwards one meets many people around asking for the divine assistance and the help of the Virgin Mary for many aspects of life. So it`s with one of thanks for the birth of a child, the other a request for a little more luck in getting nutrition of the family or for the speedy recovery of a disease, the please of a woman that her husband returns back on the right path of the virtue, or by one or the other young people for the assistance in a test or in the fulfillment of a dream, the chance to work abroad, to contribute for the welfare of the own family.

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