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This diving place is equal that of the Stones of Hindang. Your reach it only after a 60 minutes boat ride.

The dive can be expanded, depending upon arrangement, up to a length of 120 minutes.

Deep 3 - 10 meters, thus ideally for beginner, a training or however children starting from 12 years. Coral islands, small caves and a multiplicity of ravines and valleys, formed by the stones offer protection for a splendour of fish of a size of 5 to 25 cm.

On many lawns you meet a multiplicity of shells of most different form and colors, beside various fish.

Due to the diving place is placed nearby the seashore in the proximity of the beach it depends on the swell with the ranges of vision.. Usually this is approx. 20 meters, but you must be prepared by storm or higher waves of only 6 meters.


Unterwasserwelt (Bulacan)

Korallenarrangement in Bulakan in nur 3 - 6 Metern Tiefe - ideal für die Ausbildung

Wer hat hier Angst - das musst Du leider selbst erleben bei der Ausbildung in Bulakan

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