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Lap - Housereef

A diving area directly in front of our resort.

You reach the area by boat by less than 10 minutes. (approx. 800 meters in front of our base).

Deep 21 - 32 meters. Circulating ground of fine sand and corals.

An ideal ground for Mantas. Under many of the stones and corals settle many stone- and flat fishes. In the corals you meet a huge quantity of interesting species. Here the experienced diver should not have fear of extremely large fishswarms. These cross several times your own course and make you part of the swarm or play with someone to their satisfaction.

Characteristic: Here it is a matter of a pure deco dive of approx. 50 - 70 minutes (up to the experience of a diver) or you discontinue this dive after 25 - 30 minutes and dive out according to the guidelines at the anchor line.

Due to the diving place is in the proximity of the beach is depends the ranges of vision depends on the swell. Usually this is approx. 20 meters, but you must be prepared by storm or higher waves of only 8 meters.

Kleines Pamboot beim Anlegen

Auslegerboot beim Anlegen ( Mahaba)

Noch ein Beispiel vom Strand der Naval Tauchbasis

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