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Public Holidays

There are numerous national and local holidays such like e.g.: New Year’s Day (January 1), Araw ng Kagitingan (Day of Valor, commonly called Bataan Day outside of the Philippines, April 9), Holy Thursday (also called Maundy Thursday, movable date in March or April), Good Friday (movable date in March or April), Labor Day (May 1), Independence Day (June 12), National Heroes Day (last Sunday of August), Bonifacio Day (celebration of the birthday of Andres Bonifacio, November 30), Eid al Fitr (the last day of Ramadan, movable date), Christmas Day (December 25), Rizal Day (the date of the execution by the Spanish of José Rizal in 1896, December 30).

On the Philippines it is already common to be begin Christmas already on December 16. All days up to December 24, so called Misa de Gallo (“cockfair”), are standing in the indication of pray, and all believers visits each day at sunset the holy mass. The mass at the first evening is accompanied by bell ringing, brass music and fireworks. The Christmas season ends on January 6.

At Rizal day one commemorate the martyr death of Dr. José Rizal in the year 1896. He is considered as the authors of the nationalistic movement of the Philippines. At his day of death flags are lowered on half-mast and at the monument designated after him in Manila, many ceremonies take place.

The day of the national uprising, the Fiesta sa EDSA, on February 25, reminds to the peaceful revolution in February 1986. At that time two million unarmed civilians supported a revolt of military and forced Ferdinand Marcos to his resignation.

Country-wide one commemorate on September 14 (Santacruzan) to he holy Helena and her search for the holy cross of Calvary. To these celebrations belongs processions on rafts, which are decorated with pictures of the patron saints, and nine days continuing festivals, in which scenes of the Holy Bible are issued.

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