Naval Diving
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Motor Trekking

A thrilling experience for motorbike-freaks and adventuresomely contemporaries. Up to 18 times a river must be crossed. Partly, depending upon the weather of the previous day, One finds a water level of up to 1 meter. That means: One must keep the bike in mood be able to drive a further on. One should avoid a flooded exhaust.

The way leads partly steeply uphill (approx. 15 - 18% upward gradient) to the mountain villages. Here one finds only donkeys or horses as means of transport. On this way one carry the well-known Manila hemp of the mountains into the lowland.

A rest and picnic at the edge of river with grilled meat, rice and vegetable served on banana leaf and a sip of tuba (coconut wine) crown the trip. A recreating bath in the cool and ripping water provides a pleasant alternation.

But caution is demanded, one says alcohol and sun will interact closely. Try it out!

Surely never again one will forget this trip.

Kurze Rast nach einer langen Fahrt

Schlamm und Matsch, manchmal Waden hoch und oben brennt die sengende Sonne


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