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Mount Bontoc -
The adventurous elevation

The town of Hindang is blessed to have God-given gifts of natural resources beauty spots and adventurous places that attract and invite everyone particularly vacationers to explore. Summer time is here again! It's the time when everyone could relax from the strenuous activities. Observe and be a part of the festivities! Explore the beautiful places of the town!

Long time ago, there was a barangay in the municipality of Hindang, which had no name. The old folks then thought of giving a name for their barangay. The natives noted the beautiful, nature-crafted and rocky mountain, which embraced the entire barangay. This mountain looked like an inverted basin when viewed from afar. So, they named the barangay as "BUNDOK." Later on, as the population in the barrio grew, some thought of changing this name. Years passed, the name "BUNDOK" was changed to "BONTOC”.

Barangay Bontoc is famous outside the town, in the orovince and even in far away places because of its unbelievable stories about the"unseen people" and its unique and adventurous Bontoc Mountain. As a matter of act. many vacationers and those who are adventure tovers visit the place. This mountain consists of lush forests with wild animals wild plants such as different ornamental plants, ground orchids and aerial orchids and other panoramic sites. Mt- Bontoc also has several caves of various sizes that serve as havens for monkeys, wild birds, phytons, snakes and other wild animals. These caves likewise serve as sources of organic fertilizers (aguano) good for home and community gardens because of the deposited bats' dungs. Standing on its mountain peak, one can get a better view of the spectacular sites of Hindang town. Furthermore, one could say "WOW" because of the fresh and unpolluted air that will be inhaled making us feel most comfortable and relaxed.

What is "Bontoc Catheral"? It is one of the caves in Mt. Bontoc. This cave when seen from outside has only a small hole that serves as an entrance door. But, when we get inside, there is a large and wide hall with an altar-like stone at the center. This area receives a reflected light from the outside through a hole. A bell-formed stone at the entrance and many stones that form like water falls are seen there. There are rooms at the sides surrounding the center hall. Wild and colorful flowers, which are beautifully hanged, decorate the inner part of the cave. The ground soil also consists of white, powder-like stones called "tandayog" and used by quack doctors in treating sick people. Moreover, some old folks said that this cave served as their evacuation center since their houses were ruined by strong typhoons and damaged during the war. They added that the Japanese were not able to destroy this cave despite the tremendous bombardments. Because of its structure, this cave can be compared to a church, So, old folks named this as "Bontoc Cathedral" because of its close resemblance.

During World War II, another cave in this mountain was used by soldiers/guerillas as their hide out. This served as their fortress. Here, they rested, ate and slept. It was inside this cave that soldiers fabricated war weapons like guns, bolos and even swords. So. they called this cave as "Pandayan" from the word panday, which means to make or fabricate.

Many people have visited "Bontoc Cathedral" and "Pandayan." Anybody who had gone there, plans for a second visit to those caves because of the unforgettable sceneries there and the challenging and thrilling experiences they have encountered. Some foreigners such as Americans, Australians, Germans and Spaniards who are married to Hindanganons have not missed visiting this verdant and exotic mountain.
Would you like to be one of them? Be one of those adventure seekers mountain ciimbers' Do not just be contented of taking a glimpse of the mountain view, but be there to experience beauty and nature!

Abstieg von der Fledermaushöhle

Eingang zur Fledermaushöhle (Bontoc)

eine andere Perspektive - Der Weg und die Mühen lohnen sich

...wunderschöne Formationen in 120 Metern über dem Meeresspiegel, gleich auf der Spitze des Berges. Wie kommt das?

Tropfsteinhöhle von Bontoc

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