Naval Diving
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The Philippine culture is a product from different ethnic historical influences.

The already above indicated characteristics of the cultural were influenced by the Islam, Hinduism and Chinese culture brought to the Philippines by merchants. Spain dominated the islands nearly 400 years, and American colonialism also lasted 50 years. Thus, many different components reflected in today's Philippine culture. Christianity is the predominant religion in the country. These outweigh the Catholics, while the Protestants split up in Baptists, Methodists and Lutherans.

The values of the Filipinos therefore are a mixture of East and West and often enough, there are compromises between Far Eastern morality and the reality of the country. Many eastern values in the Philippines are derived from Catholicism.

Eastern values, for example, are connected in using words such like “and”. This is particularly the shame for the Filipinos something positive, in contrast to the Western civilization.

Similarly with this is: “to lose the face”. Someone for example, who is criticized against third parties. It may be that an employee who, criticized by his superiors, will no longer be seen at his work the next days, because he “lost his face”. So he rather quit his job.

Many such examples can enumerate. Another characteristic of Philippine society is the ability of compromises. Another is the proverbial Filipino tolerance. Perhaps these are the effluents of an experience of foreign domination for more than four centuries.

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