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Himokilan -
A place to cherish

Places in the Philippines are rich in natural resources as well as beautiful scenic spots. There is not a single town in our country that has no place to be proud of - and Hindang has lots of them.

Hindang prides itself of, among many, its beaches. The locals and the vacationers enjoy such unparalleled natural beauty, which takes them away from the cacophony of the urban sphere and transports them to the bosom of nature. One truly has to enjoy this one of kind treat found only in the humble and silent dwelling in Hindang, Himokilan Island.

The island is named so because according to a legend a lovely couple named Imok and llan were the first dwellers of this enchanting island. The island was made even more exquisite because of the harmonious life that this couple lived. The orchestration of these elements - of life and of nature - made a resounding harmony of splendor and magnificence that reached the hearing of the Hindang townsfolk. From then on, made attractive by its beauty, the island gathered people from the mainland and from the neighboring vicinities. Its popularity grew and more visits are made nowadays but the harmony of the beautiful life that Imok and llan lived made a lasting impression on the island, which retains its nature grandeur.

Himokilan Island is 25 minutes away from the town proper via the motored boat. Prom a distance the white sand struck the attention of the approaching visitors. It is absolutely inviting that no one can refuse the tempting scenario. Trudging the white sand huge rocks embellish the place that can be employed as a shelter for beach lovers.

Though it is afar but people are still enthusiastic to visit the place. Local and foreign divers are indefatigable in exploring the island for it is a good diving spot. Coral reefs and a good number of varieties of colorful fishes catch their attention that they never regret in choosing the place as one of their itineraries.

This place is uninhabited for years but it gained special room for every heart of Hindanganon. They opt to bring their visitors here for they take pride in it.

One time not so long ago, Fr. Tony Kuizon, a former parish priest who now lives in America brought with him to Himokilan the GSIS President Mr. Winston Garcia and his family, the Hindang District Teachers, among many others. This is a distinct manifestation of how the island is so loved and cherished by the people even by those who are from places away from Hindang. Fr. Kuizon is from Macrohon and Mr. Garcia is his classmate in the Central Seminary of the University of Santo Tomas, Manila.

Everyone is proud of Himokilan. Visitors are proud that they have been there. So if you have not gone to the island yet, take the first step towards the place that would forever leave an imprint in your heart because of its splendor and beauty. Discover and uncover the wonder of Himokilan!

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