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A somewhat different genesis

The legend from ancient times of the Philippines shows that when the world just was first created, everything was different. The beautiful blue sky was quite low, so low that one could touch it with his hands. And there was neither the sun, the moon nor the stars. Now in the infinite radiate gleam of the sky and space.

Even on earth, everything was different. There only was a wide land, but a few people only. The animals were tame, and the birds flew among the trees, which leaning with their fresh green crowns of the low sky, towards and forth.

Among the few people who populated the world at that time were a man and his wife. They were very industrious. Then they flashed a feeble light, which, who knows where it came from, because surely they never had seen the sun. Men and women ran into a field where they worked without rest until their hungry stomachs growled. Their days were spent in uniformity, but they lived peaceably and happily together.

Every day when they returned from the field, men and women were preparing their food. The man pounded the rice in a mortar, and the wife cooked it with various ingredients.

One day they returned back from their field to their hut; they were very tired and very hungry and immediately they set out to cook for lunch. The man took rice, gave it into the mortar and pounded it. The woman killed a fat chicken, put it in a pot and lit the fire. The flames flared and the smoke rose up. There was the woman's mind hanging her comb and her long necklace to the firmament.

The man continued to pound the rice. He was hungry, he made haste and as nimble as he fumbled with the plunger, he gave every time with the upper end of the firmament. This infuriated him, he stamped his foot and called the heaven: "Why are you so low! You may chance your wide, so you do not disturb me at my work!"

Scarcely as he had uttered this, because the sky started to his great surprise and bring with him the comb and the necklace hung out, and even the fireplace in the already blazing fire, rose with him.

Since that time, high up in the sky, the moon shines every night a comb like, since there the stars gleam as same as the pearls of a torn necklace and by day the sun burns like a fire in a burning hearth.

legend in the
population of Leyte

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