Naval Diving
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Mahaba Island

The dive usually started from the boat; directly at the reef edge. The dive out takes place over the all surrounded coralgarden iin the depth of 3 - 15 meters. The zero-time dive ends after approximately 1 hour.

Characteristics: Within the northern area steeply dropping reef edge. In the west and the east of the island you observe an easy downward gradient. In the southern area you will find the port with strongly washed lava plates and enrichments of snow-white coral sand. There between you find an exciting and pronounced vegetation.

Pronounced coral garden close to the seashore (diving out area). The visitor expects an impressive social interaction on the western side. The meeting with sea-turtles is standing nearly on the agenda. The habitat for sea-turtles on Mahaba as well as on the neighbouring islands are standing under nature protection and the line of a German researcher.

We were informed by the inhabitants of this island about a deliberate sinking of a larger Japanese gunboat during world war 2. The place is best known for us, but however we haven't found it yet. The wreck is in approx. 40 meters in the depth on the north- western side of the island; adjacent to the island Aped.

Also this island offers 4 different dipping places. Max. basic depth of 175 meters. We refer, however, to the insight, logic and experiencingness of our visitors and divers and say: 40 meters are enough!.

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